3 Things to Know About Implant Supported Dentures

Dentist Herndon 3 Things to Know About Implant Supported Dentures

If you have missing teeth, implant supported dentures might be right for you. You may know already that this option has become more popular recently since you gain more freedom. Many patients also feel the choice is more attractive and functions better. The teeth are attached to implants in your jaw’s bone tissue, meaning the restoration might not slip. There are a few things you should know about dentures before choosing them.

Traditional dentures vs. implant supported dentures

The research has suggested that many patients would rather have implant supported dentures instead of traditional ones. Those with implant supported dentures are often more satisfied since the teeth are easier to clean. The restorations also allow for easier chewing and more comfort since they are more stable. While traditional dentures do not last forever, implant-supported ones can last for much longer.

Patients will need to share any potential issues with the dentist. For example, the teeth might be sturdier than traditional ones, but there could still be issues. The dentist might need to make some adjustments to prevent rubbing on the gums. If there are sores on the gums, the patient should talk to the dentist immediately.

The patient will need to clean the teeth each night to prevent bacteria buildup. The bacteria could build up between the false teeth and gum tissue. Even if the patient does not have any remaining teeth left, problems could result. For instance, gum disease can still be an issue. The dentist can show the patient the right way to clean the teeth.

Nighttime is not the only time patients need to devote attention to the teeth. It is a good idea to rinse the mouth after each meal or snack, as well. Patients might want to avoid sugary foods and limit ones high in starches, like bread. Those can all promote bacteria buildup.

Implant supported dentures are often sturdier than traditional ones. However, there is still the risk of breakage or slippage. While eating, the dentures could come out if something breaks. That means the patient should avoid extremely hard or sticky snacks. Those might damage the false teeth.

Some kinds of beverages or foods are also highly pigmented. That means they might stain the false teeth permanently. Still, that does not imply a patient needs to stay away from their favorite meals and drinks. Straws can redirect the liquid around the teeth, and a patient might choose to have a smoothie with a straw. That way, the wearer can still enjoy some favorites.

Choosing the right implant supported dentures for you

If you think implant supported dentures are for you, it is good to make an appointment with your dentist. You can get a consultation, and that will help you decide if you should choose the restorations. The artificial teeth only need the same care as natural teeth. Making an appointment today is your first step.

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