Importance of Your Bi-Annual Dental Cleaning Appointments

Dentist Herndon Dental Cleaning Appointments

Visit your dentist twice every year, even if you have no dental or oral issues. Annual professional cleaning and examination are just as important as good oral hygiene at home. We’ll go over why this is so in the following sections.

The Purpose of Prevention

There are two main reasons you need to visit your dentist every two years: prevention and education.

  • Prevention: Your dentist can spot problems early and treat them before they worsen. Your dentist will also know about potential issues you are not aware of, such as missing or extra teeth putting pressure on other teeth. While you may not notice the effects of a problem until it worsens, your dentist will be able to tell you what you should or should not be doing to improve oral health.
  • Education: Many people do not realize that having healthy teeth is only part of what it means to have good oral health. Other problems can also damage your teeth and gums, including periodontal disease.

The health of your gums is essential to your overall health as well. Periodontal disease can increase your risk of heart problems, diabetes, and stroke.

A thorough cleaning can also help you create a better oral health routine. Your dentist can recommend new habits for taking care of your teeth and gums, whether flossing daily or improving how often you do regular checkups.

The Effects of Missing a Dental Cleaning

The longer you wait to schedule your dental cleaning, the more likely you are to find yourself dealing with several dental problems.

After a few years, plaque buildup will begin to affect the structure of your teeth. This can lead to dental cavities and weaken the overall strength of the tooth. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to deal with dental issues. 

Gum disease occurs when tissue begins to break down and bleed. If not taken care of, this can eventually lead to bone loss. This condition can also cause tooth loss.

Your dentist will be able to check for any signs of cancer in your mouth. 

Several things can cause mouth odor. If you have gum disease, you may be able to cure the problem with your dentist’s help. 

A tooth infection occurs due to germs in your mouth entering your bloodstream and causing an illness. This will usually cause pain around the tooth. 

If you have a tooth cavity, your dentist will be able to fill it and stop the decay. However, if you don’t get this checked out, a hole may begin to form. This will allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause decay.

The Overall Impact of Dental Cleanings

The dental cleaning may result in you having to take better care of your teeth, but you’ll also be able to enjoy several other benefits.

  • Cleaner Feel: Brushing your teeth can only do so much. Dental work can eliminate food particles and plaque that you’ve missed.
  • Increased Oral Health: Your gums will be healthier, and your teeth will be stronger.
  • Improved Appearance: A healthy mouth will give you a healthier, more youthful appearance.
  • Fresh Breath: This is one of the most significant benefits. Bad breath can be related to several things, including poor dental hygiene.
  • Less Pain When Chewing: After you’ve had a cleaning, chewing food won’t hurt as much.
  • Relief from TMJ Discomfort: If you’re dealing with discomfort caused by teeth grinding, you may be able to get some relief from your dentist.


Dental cleanings are an essential part of your oral hygiene routine. They allow you to be proactive about your dental health and take care of any issues before they become serious problems.

Adults should have cleanings and exams every six months. If you have children, you should have regular cleanings and exams to ensure that your children develop healthy, good-looking teeth. Remember, preventive dental care is a vital part of your child’s health.Are you looking for ​​dentists in Herndon, VA? Galleria Dental Smiles in Herndon and Northern VA offers complete oral health care to patients in the region. To make an appointment at Galleria Dental Smiles in Herndon, you may call 703-787-2273.