Benefits of Bringing Your 7-Year-Old Kid to an Orthodontist

Dentist Herndon Old Kid to an Orthodontist

There are various reasons why your child should see an orthodontist when they reach seven years old. The dental condition of your son or daughter will be checked for its effectiveness in helping the child’s jaw grow correctly: how this affects your child’s facial appearance will also be a concern to the orthodontist. You may want to have your child undergo an orthodontic evaluation. Here are the top benefits of doing so:

Protected Gum Health 

Poor gum health can result in ill effects on your child’s mouth. The orthodontist will ensure that your child’s oral health is not compromised by checking their gum health.

Properly Positioned Teeth 

Your child’s bite will be corrected if you bring them to the orthodontist as soon as they turn seven. They may have teeth that are out of alignment, and if this is the case, the orthodontist will fix the problem.

Jawbone Growing Properly

Oral health is an essential element in the growth of your child. Your child’s jawbone will stand a chance to grow normally when they maintain good oral health.

Attractive Smile 

Your child will have an attractive smile. The orthodontist will know how to maintain good teeth position and give your child the right smile. 

Recommended Orthodontic Treatment

Your child may need to go through surgery for teeth that are too crowded or for teeth that are sticking towards the cheeks. The gaps between the teeth will be reduced using orthodontic treatment.

Preventing Pain

Your child may have trouble chewing because of the discomfort in the teeth and jaw. They may have a tendency to develop crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw. The orthodontist will resolve these problems.

Affordable Treatment 

Going to the orthodontist by the age of seven will help prevent the issues from getting worse. It is also affordable compared to the other treatments that you can have for your child.

Increased Confidence in Your Child

Your child will have a healthy personality. When your child has a problem with their teeth, the problem may impact their confidence and self-esteem. An orthodontist helps address dental issues as early as possible. 

Maintaining Good Oral Health

Your child will not be prone to oral issues like bad breath, tooth decay, loose teeth, and gum inflammation. They will be free from such problems and achieve better oral health.

Improved Overall Health

Your child will have a healthy body since they will not have oral problems. They can perform well in school since they are not bothered by dental issues.

Preventive Care

Orthodontics can prevent future problems in your child’s teeth. You will not have to look for the best orthodontic treatment to fix the problem when it arises. Your child’s teeth will be in good health, even when they are older. Problems that can result in costly treatments will be avoided when your child goes to the orthodontist.


Your child needs to have a healthy mouth and jaw, and the orthodontist helps ensure that your child’s jaw grows in the proper manner. Taking your child to an orthodontist as soon as they turn seven will help them gain confidence and be comfortable with how they look.

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