From Nail-Biting to Teeth-Grinding: Habits That Harm Veneers


One of the most well-liked cosmetic dentistry procedures that can completely change a person’s smile is applying veneers. They are tiny, individually produced shells that are applied to teeth’s front surfaces to enhance their appearance.  They can correct a wide range of dental flaws, such as chips, cracks, stains, gaps, and misshapen teeth. However, veneers […]

How Getting Dental Bridges Benefit Your Health

Dental Bridge

If you have empty spaces in your smile, a dental bridge can help fill them. Without treatment, these gaps can cause your other teeth to shift and your jawbone to deteriorate. Everyday activities like eating, talking, and confidently smiling may become difficult. Dental bridge procedures are a great way to replace missing teeth. The bridge […]

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

Many dental patients are self-conscious about missing teeth. Depending on the exact teeth that have been lost, this condition can also make it difficult to chew food. In many cases, a dental bridge can be used to replace lost teeth and restore a patient’s smile. How do dental bridges work? As the name suggests, a […]