The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings for Optimal Oral Health


Maintaining optimal oral health requires more than just diligent at-home care; regular dental cleanings play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy, radiant smile. Galleria Dental Smiles, led by Dr. Tarek S. Mahdi, takes a comprehensive approach to oral health, providing exceptional dental cleaning services to patients in the Herndon and Northern VA area. Our […]

Is it Time for a Dental Cleaning? Find These 5 Telltale Signs


Simply brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. This is because bacteria continue to grow and multiply in our mouths daily, forming hard clusters known as tartar.  Removing these deposits requires the assistance of dental health professionals through a procedure called dental cleaning. You may already know about this […]

How Do You Know If You Require Emergency Dental Care

Dental Care

Having a dental emergency can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Even though dental emergencies can be extremely uncomfortable, it is vital to remain calm and find the best possible solution available. Knowing when to seek emergency dental care is essential to ensure the best possible outcome. Unexplained Toothaches When it comes to dental pain, […]

The Impact of Plaque, Tartar, and Calculus on Oral Health

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Oral health is one of the most important aspects of overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most neglected. Many people don’t realize the impact that plaque, tartar, and calculus can have on their oral health. Let’s break down the difference between these three dental dilemmas and how they can affect your […]

7 Ways How Cleaning Your Teeth Helps Prevent Cavities

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Our teeth are an essential body part because they accentuate our facial features, which also affect our physical appearance. If we can’t flash a bright smile, our confidence may dip. For this reason, oral health isn’t something you can skimp on. There are many ways to maintain oral health, such as teeth cleaning. By teeth […]

Why Are Dental Examinations and Cleanings Important?

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The cornerstone of preventative dentistry, which focuses on minimizing or eliminating oral health disorders, is regular dental exams that include expert teeth cleaning. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are critical for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. A healthy tongue can also help protect the rest of your body from disease. Infections of […]

Importance of Your Bi-Annual Dental Cleaning Appointments

Dental Cleaning

Visit your dentist twice every year, even if you have no dental or oral issues. Annual professional cleaning and examination are just as important as good oral hygiene at home. We’ll go over why this is so in the following sections. The Purpose of Prevention There are two main reasons you need to visit your […]

Root Canal Therapy: What Is It and How Does It Work

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There are numerous aspects you have to think about regarding oral health. One procedure that people usually go through is root canal therapy. A root canal dentist performs it to cure damaged and infected tissues inside the tooth’s root canals. If you want to learn more about root canal therapy, here is some information to […]

Using Sunbit for Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Sunbit Are you worried that you will not be able to improve your smile because of a temporary financing issue? If so, you should check into Sunbit. This convenient financing technology allows patients to receive the dental treatments and procedures that they want today by paying tomorrow. Applying only takes 30 seconds, and Sunbit’s approval […]

5 Things a Dental Cleaning Does for You

It is a known fact that routine dental cleaning is an important part of oral health. The American Dental Association recommends that people with an overall healthy mouth visit a dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning once every six months. Those with specific dental issues or certain underlying health conditions may need to schedule […]