The Most Common Types of Materials for Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns help improve the appearance of your teeth while protecting your oral health. If a tooth has been badly damaged by decay or injury, it may need a crown. Crowns are used to restore teeth and help fill the gap left by damage. There is a variety of materials used to produce dental crowns. […]

What Are the Various Dental Crown Styles in Herndon?

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Your teeth may become damaged during your life. Due to dental decay, trauma, or regular use, they might lose their shape or size.  As a dental restoration option, dental crowns in Herndon (also known as caps) come into play. Consider it a snug “hat” for your broken teeth! It’s cemented over your natural teeth to […]

How Many Teeth Can Dental Bridges Replace

When a person is missing one or more teeth but does not need a full set of dentures, dental bridges may be recommended to take the place of the lost teeth. The number of teeth that a dental bridge replaces may depend on several factors. How dental bridges function Dental bridges consist of two or […]

Metal Crowns vs. Porcelain Dental Crowns

For patients in need of dental crowns, there are plenty of options available. Two of the most common choices are porcelain crowns and metal crowns (often with a porcelain overlay fused to the metal). Depending on a patient’s specific circumstances, one of these crown types may be the preferred option. Metal Crowns Metal crowns have […]

How To Care for Porcelain Crowns

Luckily, in most cases of a tooth being damaged a dental crown can help in repairing the tooth so the natural tooth root is still intact. The crown will be positioned over the root and keep any food or drink from irritating the area. However, keeping the crown in good condition is just as important […]

What You Should Know About Different Dental Crown Materials

A dental crown is one of the most popular cosmetic or dental restorations. They strengthen broken, cracked, or decayed teeth. Dentists recommend dental crowns for different reasons, but you will be surprised to discover that crowns differ in many ways, including cost and appearance. This article focuses on the different materials used in making dental […]