Common Denture Damage Causes You Should Be Aware Of

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Dealing with a broken denture can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. While dentures are built to be strong, they can sometimes break for various reasons. It could be from dropping them, grinding your teeth, or from biting down too hard on something. However, if your dentures do get damaged, it doesn’t mean […]

How to Tell That You Have an Overbite and What to Do

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An overbite is a common tooth problem. It occurs when your teeth are not aligned, which causes your smile to appear crooked and awkward to others. Frequently, other problems can emerge from this imperfection such as difficulty chewing, pain or discomfort in the jaw, and headaches.   In this article, we will discuss the common signs […]

Why It’s Important to Look for Denture Repairs Near You


Destroyed or damaged dentures can affect oral health and the appearance of a person’s face, so denture repair is necessary. When dentures chip, crack, or break their wires, these problems can alter how they look and work. It may no longer fit correctly, and food particles may work into chips or cracks and cause serious […]

How Your Doctor Can Help With Denture Repair

People may not think of denture repair as a regular need at the dentist’s office. However, if you have artificial teeth, there may be a time when they break or experience other issues. A dental professional has the knowledge and training to fix this apparatus, so patients should not attempt the repairs themselves. If you […]

When to Get Your Denture Repaired

For patients missing several teeth, a denture can lead to a sense of normalcy. However, these dental replacements do sometimes need repair, and they often seem to break or malfunction at the most inconvenient of times. To avoid damage to the prosthetic or the patient’s mouth, it can be helpful to know some of the […]

When to Choose Denture Repair vs. When to Replace Dentures

People who use false teeth may find that denture repair extends the useful life of these prostheses. Repair is generally more cost-effective than replacement and often takes less time. However, dentures are not made to last forever. Eventually, the constant pressure of chewing causes the prosthesis to wear out, requiring a replacement. When determining whether […]

Can I Repair My Own Dentures

A pair of dentures is an investment in a healthy, natural-looking smile. If a patient’s set breaks, it may seem tempting to try to perform an at-home repair. However, this is not a wise idea, and it can cause additional problems. Why is it a bad idea for patients to repair their own dentures? Dentures […]