Is it Time for a Dental Cleaning? Find These 5 Telltale Signs

Dentist Herndon Is it Time for a Dental Cleaning

Simply brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. This is because bacteria continue to grow and multiply in our mouths daily, forming hard clusters known as tartar. 

Removing these deposits requires the assistance of dental health professionals through a procedure called dental cleaning. You may already know about this process if you have a family dentist. 

However, one dental cleaning is not sufficient for maintaining lifelong oral health. In fact, it may not even be enough for a full year! Our continuous consumption of food and beverages allows bacteria to quickly regrow, leading to the formation of plaque and the need for another dental cleaning.

So, how can you determine when it’s time for your next dental cleaning appointment? There are several signs and symptoms that indicate you may be due for professional cleaning, read more to find out.

Your Breath Stinks

It can be difficult to recognize bad breath on your own, and often, you may be unaware of it. However, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean others can’t, and they would likely prefer not to. 

Bad breath can seriously damage your social life, as even the slightest hint of it can make people not want to engage in conversation with you. Even close friends may avoid having intimate discussions with you. 

If you have genuine friends, they will let you know if your breath smells bad so you can remedy the situation before it affects your reputation. However, it’s best to avoid bad breath if possible, as nobody wants to be known for having a foul-smelling mouth. Bad breath is a clear indication that you need a thorough dental cleaning.

Your Once Shining Teeth Have Lost Their Sparkle 

Individuals often spend significant amounts of money to achieve a whiter smile, only to lose it due to inadequate oral care. Neglecting routine dental cleanings can lead to discolored teeth, especially for those who frequently consume coffee. 

After putting in the effort to obtain a bright smile, it would be a shame to let it fade simply because of a reluctance to schedule a dentist appointment. If your teeth begin to show discoloration, it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a dental cleaning.

Your Gums Seem to be Inflamed

When your gums start to appear as red as a tomato, it’s a clear sign that you need to schedule a dentist appointment. Swelling often occurs in response to foreign substances within our bodies. 

Our teeth are part of our bodies as well, so when something foreign tries to infiltrate our mouths, our gums, the most delicate and prone to damage part of our mouths, will naturally react to signal that something is amiss. 

The accumulation of bacteria, or tartar as some might call it, is not a normal part of our bodily functions. As a result, our body will respond aggressively to it, alerting us that something is not right by causing inflammation in the affected area. So, if you notice your gums turning red near where they connect with your teeth, it’s definitely time for a dental cleaning.

You Start to Have Sensitive Teeth

When you haven’t had a dental cleaning in a while, it can really have a negative impact on your life. Your teeth may become more sensitive, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite treats. 

Foods like ice cream may no longer have that rich, creamy texture you love but instead cause a sharp, stinging sensation. Other cold desserts like parfaits, milkshakes, and snow cones may also lose their appeal due to the discomfort they cause. 

If eating a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream topped with Nutella is becoming more of a painful experience than a pleasurable one, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. Tooth sensitivity is a warning that it’s time to schedule a dental cleaning as soon as possible.

The Slightest Impact Causes Your Gums to Bleed

Have you ever accidentally brushed your gums too hard, chewed on a tough piece of meat, or bitten down on a biscuit too quickly? If any of these everyday actions result in your gums bleeding excessively, it’s a sign that your gum health is not as it should be. 

When your gums become overly sensitive, it often means you’re overdue for a dental cleaning. Even the most minor impact can lead to bruising and bleeding in this state.


Keeping your mouth clean involves more than just brushing and flossing your teeth. Regular professional dental cleanings are crucial in ensuring oral health and eliminating harmful bacteria. It’s important to remember that preventing problems is always preferable to treating them, and consistent dental cleanings can help you stay ahead of more serious dental concerns in the future.

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