Denture Repair: 3 Reasons to Seek a Professional

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Sometimes, denture repair needs more than a tube of adhesive. Taking the DIY route means that finessing your dentures into submission will become a regular chore. This is one of the major reasons that you should seek a professional for denture repair.

Why denture repair is a part of life for people who wear dentures

All dentures are subject to wear and tear, so a set will need attention at some point. Here are the main reasons that dentures might need repair:

  • Dropping a set of dentures could cause them to break
  • Tooth loss causes the structure of the jaws and gums to change continually, which in turn, changes the fit of a set of dentures
  • Dentures that are already ill-fitting are likely to break with use, and a bad bite in a set of dentures could put pressure on certain spots, causing them to break after a while

Dentures can also wear out after months and years of withstanding the shearing and grinding forces of chewing. This will change their feel and fit, which is a reason for repair. There is simply no avoiding it, no matter how careful the wearer is. Here is why people who own dentures should let a professional handle their repairs.

Life is too short to deal with ill-fitting dentures. Yet, many denture owners choose this route when they ignore broken dentures or choose to do their own repairs.

In contrast, professional denture repairs allow the wearer to get a permanent fix for their denture problems. All it takes is one or two visits to the dentist before the person can have functional, comfortable dentures again.

People who wear dentures need routine dental checks, just like people who have most or all of their teeth. When a patient takes their prosthodontics in for repair, their dentist will check on the health of their gums and their overall oral health. Not only does a dental checkup ensure good oral health, but the dentist may also detect a change in the shape of the gums and jaw and can adjust the dentures accordingly.

People with many missing teeth experience changes to the form of their gums and jaws. Over time, the fit of the person’s dentures will change. This is not a problem that goes away with at-home repairs.

In the case of ill-fitting dentures, a dentist will examine the mouth of the wearer. They will use medical imaging to confirm a change in the mass and shape of the gums and jaws. Using a digital or physical mold, the dentist will adjust their patient’s dentures to fit perfectly over their gums.

Sometimes, dentures break in half. Other times, the framework comes apart. The base of the dentures may crack or some of the artificial teeth could fall out.

If any of these unfortunate things happen, call us. We have a team that covers all aspects of denture repair and oral health. They would be happy to get you your smile back.

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