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Digital Dentistry

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The field of dentistry is constantly undergoing wave after wave of technological innovation. One of the most recent advances that is improving patient experiences is in digital dentistry, specifically something known as iTero.

Digital Dentistry

Through the use of iTero, we are able to form a digital map of your mouth. The iTero scanner captures these images, which allows for the creation of things like dental bridges, crowns, and surface inlays. ITero offers us an incredible level of precision, while eliminating bothersome practices for the patient.

Some of the benefits of iTero include:

  • Improved patient comfort
  • Extremely accurate restorations
  • Predictable results
  • Reduced time in the chair

A Better Patient Experience

In the past, patients did not look forward to the traditional impression process. It required a very uncomfortable few minutes of dealing with a gooey material. The technique was particularly uncomfortable for those who experience dental anxiety or have a sensitive gag reflex.

Before iTero, making impressions was both uncomfortable and time-consuming. It involved the use of bulky metal trays in conjunction with a liquid plaster. Patients became anxious when considering that they may accidentally swallow the excess plaster.

We acquired the iTero scanner to alleviate these patient concerns and take advantage of digital technology when impressions are required.

Patients are able to look at their images once they pop up on the computer display. After we complete all of the snapshots of your entire oral cavity, we form a 3D landscape with the use of digital photography. In addition to improved patient comfort, iTero is more accurate than plaster impressions.

Improved Accuracy

Digital scans are extremely useful for creating accurate dental models used in restorative dental work, including dental implants, crowns and veneers. The revolutionary technology behind iTero allows us to create highly detailed images of your mouth for the creation of 3D dental images in only a few minutes.

Completing the digital scanning process is now a very effective, simple, and quick procedure. 3D digital scans offer a more accurate and detailed image in comparison to conventional 2D images.

Invisalign and iTero

Invisalign is an innovative system that helps a patient straighten their smile without using traditional metal braces. The process involves the use of a series of clear plastic aligner trays that can straighten your smile over time. Since Invisalign relies upon a model of the patient’s teeth and mouth, it is perfect for iTero, which allows for the creation of the aligners using 3D imaging. The result is a set of aligners that perfectly fit your teeth and provide a very comfortable treatment.

The Bottom Line

ITero is just the latest example of our commitment to continually take advantage of the latest technologies so that our patients experience both improved outcomes and a more comfortable treatment process.