How To Adjust To Invisalign

Dentist Herndon How To Adjust To Invisalign

Invisible braces is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile and fix a range of alignment concerns, including crooked teeth, crowded teeth and gaps between teeth. However, invisible braces treatment does involve a process, and patients typically go through a period of adjusting to wearing the Invisalign® aligners. 

Tips for adjusting to Invisalign®

There are certain things that every Invisalign patient can do to make the adjustment process a little easier. By following useful tips from a general dentist, patients can ensure the adjustment goes smoothly and the discomfort that exists while adjusting is kept at a minimal level. The following are four useful tips for making the transition to life with Invisalign aligners easier. 

First and foremost, patients can adjust the quickest by wearing the aligners for the amount of time they are supposed to. One of the biggest mistakes a patient can make is removing the aligners anytime they cause discomfort. However, this can significantly set the patient back in the process and make adjusting to the aligners much more of a challenge. On the other hand, patients who wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours each day will get through the awkward feeling and discomfort much quicker. 

One of the biggest challenges that patients face for the first days and weeks after they receive their first set of Invisalign® aligners is speaking. The aligners can make it more challenging to pronounce certain words and most of all it can just feel awkward. However, it is important to keep in mind that this stage does pass, and patients are able to talk normal and in a confident manner while wearing the Invisalign® aligners after they adjust. While many may feel an urge to talk as little as possible, the more the person talks, the better they get at speaking with the Invisalign® aligners in. 

Good oral hygiene is essential for the entire treatment duration. It is important to establish good oral hygiene habits while wearing aligners. Otherwise, the patient is at an increased risk of having food particles and bacteria trapped between the Invsilgian aligners and teeth, which can lead to an increased risk of cavities and other oral health concerns. It is also encouraged to limit the intake of sugar and other carbohydrates, and drink water throughout the day while wearing Invisalign®. 

The discomfort is generally not overwhelming for patients during the adjustment period, but there will likely be an awkward feeling and slight discomfort for the first week or two. During this time, it is important for patients to remain calm and keep their eyes set on the light at the end of the tunnel. They will adjust, and the ultimate result is a straight and beautiful smile. 

Talk to a general dentist about Invisalign®

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