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Pediatric Dentistry

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Your child’s pediatric dentist provides a wide range of services so that they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and an attractive smile. This area of dentistry is also important because the idea is to get your child used to visiting their dentist so that they make dental appointments routine throughout their lives.

Pediatric Dentistry

Here are just a few of the pediatric dental services available to help protect the teeth, mouth, and gums of your child.

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental cleaning

Fluoride Treatments

Whenever we eat, oral bacteria feeds upon the sugars contained within foods and beverages, eventually releasing acids that began eroding the outer layer of the teeth known as the enamel. This eventually leads to cavities and tooth decay. Fortunately, fluoride treatments can help.

Fluoride reaches within the tooth enamel, strengthening it and making it more resistant to things like acidity and bacteria. Fluoride can even help remineralize teeth.

For children who have some baby teeth remaining, fluoride finds its way into their newly developing permanent teeth. So when their permanent teeth fully arrive, they will be less susceptible to developing cavities.

Getting a Fluoride Treatment

Your dentist can use a gel or foam in a fluoride tray to apply topical fluoride directly to your child’s teeth. Another way that a fluoride treatment can be delivered is by painting it directly onto the teeth of the child, following their dental cleaning. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete, involving no pain or discomfort.

Pediatric Dental Cleaning

As soon as your child has all of their baby teeth, it is usually recommended that they begin undergoing regular dental cleanings about every six months. This helps to remove any accumulation of plaque found on the teeth. Plaque can contribute to the development of gum disease, which can threaten the teeth over time.


If this is your child’s first dental cleaning, you may want to spend a few minutes preparing them after you familiarize yourself with the process. This could involve scheduling an office tour so that your child is already familiar with the environment and the staff.

One way to help accustom them to what they can expect during a dental cleaning is to do a little role playing with them. You can both swap roles as the “dentist” and the “patient.” Make sure that you tell them how important good oral hygiene is to their teeth and smile. Make no mention of pain and discomfort; keep the conversation completely positive and upbeat.

The Cleaning Process

After examining your child’s teeth, mouth, and gums, their dental hygienist will clean their teeth to remove plaque. They will also floss to remove any trapped food debris found between the teeth.

After flossing your child’s teeth, the dental hygienist will carefully polish them for a nice, smooth finish. Finally, they will rinse your child’s mouth out with some water.

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