Things to Know Before Getting Partial Dentures

Dentist Herndon Partial Dentures

If you have a noticeable gap in your smile due to missing teeth, you may want to consider getting partial dentures from the dentist. Created from plastic or metal materials, partial dentures connect to natural teeth via clasps to restore the missing teeth and restore dental function. Partial dentures can be a functional alternative to dental implants and bridges. Before choosing this option, however, there are certain things you need to know.

How partial dentures are made

A comprehensive dental examination is the first step for those who want to get partial dentures to replace their lost teeth. The dentist will check for any issue that might affect the patient’s ability to use the partial dentures comfortably. A loose denture base and wax teeth rims will be used to imitate the outlook of the final dentures. Patients will wear this replica, and the dentist will make adjustments until there is a precise fit. The mold will be transferred to a dental lab or denture manufacturer, who will use them as the model for the final dentures.

When the production is complete, the dentist will have the patient wear the partials to check the fitting. If additional adjustments are necessary, patients will need to allow some time to implement the changes. In the meantime, the dentist may provide a temporary partial, called a flipper, to wear. When the final denture is ready, the dentist will fix them and provide instructions on maintenance, which will include visiting the office for periodic adjustments after a few months.

Like regular dentures, patients must clean and care for their partials to keep them in an optimal state. Some important tips to remember include:

Regular wear – after getting the set of partial dentures, the dentist will advise the patient to wear them for an extended period. This will help them discover the areas where the dentures feel uncomfortable or hurt the mouth so that the dentist can make necessary adjustments. After fully adjusting the dentures, patients will only wear them during the day and remove them before bedtime to store in water or dental cleaning solution.

Regular cleaning – besides soaking the dentures every night, one must brush them regularly with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive denture paste. A regular toothpaste might be too harsh and damage the denture.

Regular checkups – the mouth will change its form due to aging, which means occasional adjustments will be necessary to maintain the denture’s fit. Book regular dental appointments, and if mouth sores occur around the dentures, the dentist needs to know immediately.

Risk of damage – the cleaning tips above will reduce the risk of damage to the partial dentures, but accidents are often inevitable. If the dentures break, contact the dentist immediately to request a repair or replacement. It is inadvisable to attempt DIY repairs or wearing broken dentures as it could cause damage to the natural teeth.

Final note

If you have missing teeth and would like to learn more about partial dentures, contact the dental office to schedule an appointment with the general dentist.

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