What Is the Purpose of a Laser With Professional Teeth Whitening?

Dentist Herndon What Is the Purpose of a Laser With Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments are one of the fastest ways to quickly improve the color of a person’s teeth. These treatments use bleaching agents like hydrogen carbamide to lift stains off teeth surfaces.

Lasers are sometimes used as part of a patient’s teeth whitening treatments, and while many people think that the laser directly lifts stains away, it actually serves as a catalyst that speeds up the reaction of the bleaching agents and the stains on the patient’s teeth. This leads to faster results.

How lasers are used as part of professional teeth whitening treatments

The use of lasers during professional teeth whitening treatments is still a relatively new thing. These treatments often involve the dentist applying hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen carbamide paste directly on a patient’s teeth. The bleaching paste is then heated up with a laser to speed up its reaction on the patient’s teeth.

With conventional whitening treatments, the peroxide in the bleaching agent seeps into the outer layers of the patient’s teeth and releases oxygen molecules that bleach stains away. Lasers whitening works differently because it heats the bleaching agent, leading to a faster release of oxygen molecules.

Laser treatments are just as effective as traditional teeth whitening treatments. The main benefit that laser whitening has over conventional whitening is the shorter treatment times. Patients who opt for traditional whitening might have to keep a whitening tray in their mouth for up to 90 minutes, while laser whitening treatments usually do not last longer than 30 minutes. Just as is the case with conventional whitening, some patients might need multiple treatments to reach their desired shade of white.

Other important things that patients should know about laser teeth whitening include:

  • Laser whitening often does not require the use of a custom mouth tray, which can lead to faster treatments for patients because there is no need to wait weeks while the custom mouth tray is being made in a dental lab
  • Average treatment time with lasers is about half an hour
  • Laser whitening treatments need to be spaced out at least one week apart

Some patients experience increased teeth sensitivity after laser whitening treatments, just as is the case with those who get traditional whitening. This typically goes away after a few days. The increased sensitivity can be managed by using desensitizing products and taking over-the-counter painkillers.

Teeth do not stay pearly white forever after professional whitening treatments. They will continue to be exposed to things that can stain them, like tobacco stains, coffee and red wine. Patients can make the results of their whitening treatments last longer by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding foods/beverages that stain teeth or promote decay. Whitening toothpaste and mouth rinses can also be used to maintain the results of professional teeth whitening treatments. These should not be used more than a couple of times a week, to avoid damaging enamel.

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